Online Dating Horror Stories: Expectations vs. Reality

It can be hard to get to know people online. Sometimes you hit it off great, and the connection feels fabulously genuine. Other times, though, it’s a little bumpier. Maybe you go through dry stints, lackadaisical messages, or miscommunications.  And of course, sometimes it doesn’t work out at all. Online dating was invented to help …

Online Dating Horror Stories: A Date with a Private Investigator

After chatting for a few minutes, I found out that she worked as a private investigator. With a breadstick in hand, she proceeded to describe how she would spend many hours investigating a husband’s infidelity, which mostly consisted of scouring the internet of his activities, followed with a bit of tailing around the city.

Online Dating Horror Stories: Ghosting

If you’ve ever online dated, you’ve probably been ghosted. You might have even ghosted someone yourself. There are a lot of reasons why people ghost, from a lack of interest, a belief that ghosting is a ‘nicer way of letting people down’, to just plain forgetting the other person ever existed.