March 17th marks St. Patrick’s Day, a celebration that’s crossed the pond from the Emerald Isle. This year, we’ll be celebrating in style (and safely!) from the comfort of our couches, ringing in the day with delicious recipes and virtual events.

The team at Vedii has collected a list of lovely ideas you can try, to celebrate St. Pat’s in style:

1. Cook or Bake Something Festive

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Photo by Angèle Kamp on Unsplash

While the Irish may be known for their renowned beers and whiskies, there are some other Irish gems you may not have tried!

Why not cook up a delicious corned beef and cabbage for your St. Pat’s Dinner, and pair it with some Irish Soda Bread? Sally’s Baking Addiction has an amazing recipe of her grandma’s traditional soda bread.

For your desserts, you could try Sally’s boozy Guinness Brownies, or make your own homestyle version of McDonald’s’ famous Shamrock Shake.

2. Catch Virtual Events

North Shore News

Curl up at home and catch parts of the Vancouver CelticFest here, with amazing virtual events from cocktail mixing, Traditional Irish Music performances, to baking Irish Soda Bread!

3. Make Festive Cocktails

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Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Want to try some Irish tipples or cocktails? You can’t go wrong with a pint of Guinness or an old fashioned made with Jameson Irish Whisky.

Other ideas:

St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails from The Spruce Eats

Or, if you’re going dry this St. Pat’s, there’s some wonderful non-alcoholic recipes to make delicious drinks to share with your loved ones!

Learn about St. Patrick

Who was St. Patrick, anyway?

Learn Some Irish Gaelic

And finally, why not learn some Irish Gaelic phrases to flex your linguistic prowess on St. Patrick’s Day?

Here are eight phrases you can try out!

Hello (greeting): Dia Duit (Dee-a dit)

Hello (response): Dia is Muire Duit (Dee-a iss Mura dit)

How are you?: Conas atá tú? (Kun-is a-thaw-two)

I am good: Tá mé go maith (Thaw may go mah)

I’m (your name): Is mise __________ (Iss misha __________)

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day: Lá fhéile Pádraig sona duit (Law aye-la Par-ick sun-a dit)

Two pints please: Dhá phionta le do thoil (Gaw pee-un-ta le do hull)   

Let’s take a selfie: Glacaimis féinphic (Glock-a-mead fein-pic)


How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year? Let us know!

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