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The best relationships are built on great communication. The foundation for us to get to know each other is all about communication, whether it’s verbal, physical, or anything else. Being able to express yourself succinctly and intimately helps foster and grow relationships from the ground up. 

The most important one to start with, though, is the relationship with yourself.

Are you able to stay in tune with yourself, to know what your needs and wants are? If you can’t communicate these things with yourself, it is even more difficult to be able to communicate them with someone else. Your partner cannot be expected to read your mind twenty-four seven, so you must have the emotional intelligence to be able to figure out what’s best for you in the moment, what you need to lift you up and thrive. 

If you need to have an important conversation with your partner, you need to be mindful of several different aspects, not even barring the actual conversation itself.

When are you going to have this conversation? You want to be able to pick a time with a lot of wiggle room so you are not sending your partner off stressed out or having to go to work with things left unsaid. By creating space around an important conversation, you have more time to speak freely and express your emotions without the restriction of time.

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Acceptance and Honesty

While it’s always good to be upfront and honest with your partner, being able to accept where they are coming from and understanding their point of view is essential for you to determine the best communication approach. Practicing empathy will help achieve this.

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Sometimes, it is not always possible to properly express yourself, especially when in highly emotional and stressful situations. Take the time to be compassionate and empathetic toward your partner while they are airing their frustrations. That being said, never start a difficult discussion when you’re angry. This can heighten aggression and lead to greater discourse.

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Not everything can be solved in a single conversation. Some issues may take weeks or even months for both of you to come to terms and work out a solution. Patience also applies to listening to your partner carefully and give them time to properly express themselves. It’s easy to instantly think about a rebuttal the moment you pick up some key words in their sentences before you even listen to the rest for context. Take the time to listen and stay open-minded.

One other thing to keep in mind is that your partner may have a different way of communicating outside of verbal speech. We covered the five love languages last week, which may help you determine how to effectively connect with them outside of talking.

Have any tips or tricks that you’ve found work well to foster communication? Let us know below! 

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