As March looms, and we reach nearly a year of stay-at-home orders and social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have been reflecting on how our relationships have been affected. Just because we are physically apart, though, doesn’t mean we can’t spend time together!

One of the most fruitful and fun ways to do this is, of course, playing games together! Our team has collected some games we think would be an excellent choice to try playing with your loved ones

We Were Here Series (Steam)

  • We Were Here Together is a first person Puzzle-adventure co-op game that focuses on communication and problem solving as the players go through the story. 
  • The puzzles are relatively simple but require a lot of communication and verbally describing what you see to your partner, so be prepared for that!
  • The game takes about 5 hours to complete, so it can be split over a few sessions!

Super Animal Royale (Steam)

  • Super Animal Royale is a multiplayer online shooting game with a few modes: solo, duos and squads of four. 
  • You play as adorable animals with weapons you find in each round. This game offers different in-game collectibles such as types of animals you can use as your character, hats, clothing and other gear to enhance your appearance. 
  • Although it is an online shooting game, the art style, top-down view, and simple game mechanics make it more accessible for casual players!

Stardew Valley (Steam)

  • Stardew is a bit of a cult classic at this point, something like a combination between Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. At its heart it is a farming simulator, but it has many layers to it — you can fish, explore the mines, care for animals, make friends with the villagers, and design your outfits and your farm!
  • As a multiplayer game, it’s great for couples to explore and do quests together — cut your teeth on the mines or see how many pieces of corn you can grow in a single season.
  • Stardew Valley is based off strong communication skills so make sure you’re ready! You can also invite other friends to play with you, and you can even get married in-game. 

Don’t Starve Together (Steam)

  • Don’t Starve Together is a cooperative survival game where you play as a group of ‘survivors’ who are, in essence, trying not to die.
  • This game requires a lot of teamwork and communication for its players to stay alive, and is known for having a bit of a steep learning curve—expect to die a lot at the beginning!—for newbies. 
  • It has a lot of different quests for you to pursue, so there’s a lot of replay value. Try it out!  

Dungeons 3 (Steam)

  • Dungeons 3 has multiplayer co-op or versus modes, so you can play alongside your partner to win or play against them.
  • Most games have you play as the hero fighting villains, but in this game you play as the villain, preventing heroes from ruining your plan for world domination.
  • Defend and expand your base together with your partner.
  • The game has an entertaining storyline, with a hilarious narrator to keep you hooked into the game

Dungeon of the Endless – Crystal Edition (Steam)

  • Dungeon of the Endless is a rogue-like dungeon defence game where the goal is to find the exit in each level and transport the crystal to the exit. 
  • With limited resources, you and your partner have to explore by opening doors to new rooms and defend the base.
  • It is a great game to play and chat with your partner to figure out how to spend the resources effectively and where best to place defensive units!

Divinity – Original Sin 2 (Steam)

  • Divinity is mainly an RPG game with a turn-based battle system. 
  • This game leans towards the strategy and communication with your team. 
  • You can create your own character the way you want by combining different abilities and elements together. The large variations of skills you can choose for your character make this game fun! 
  • Elements also play a huge part in this game. The ability elements can affect the environment in this game makes it very interesting. 
  • The Map is huge with a lot of side quests and hidden places to explore. 
  • The details and quality of the game makes this game amazing to play with your partner. 

Any other games you’re enjoying playing with your partner?

Let us know!

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