Our video pitch for Vedii

Vedii started out as a project at the Centre for Digital Media in March of last year. Our team pitched it to a panel of professionals in one of the last gatherings we were able to hold before the COVID-19 shutdowns. We had a vision of utilizing the vibrant, outdoorsy nature of the city to help Vancouver singles meet.

Though we are still working remotely during this uncertain time, we have hope that this year is the year we will make our dreams a reality.

There are a few things that come to mind — things that we want to focus on as we build out this app we hope will change online dating.

Throughout all of our work, and our ideation, the core of this application is, of course, to help singles meet each other. The common bond of shared interests and activities is the perfect lead-in to meeting a potential partner and life match. By focusing on shared interests, two people will always have something to talk about to each other with.

With Vedii, we are hoping to:

a) bring Vancouver singles together

b) bring excitement back to first dates

c) utilize the outdoorsy and vibrant culture of our wonderful city of Vancouver

2020 was a hard year for all of us. Many of us went through relationship changes or saw friends and family do the same. The loneliness brought by self-isolation and restrictions has affected everyone we know. There have been career changes, sudden moves, grief, and loss. We can only hope, and stay positive, that soon there will be an end to COVID-19 and we can return to our lives in a somewhat normal way.

No matter what is happening, no matter what our new normal is, we know that people need people. We hope that by the time we launch Vedii, it will be safe for people to meet up again, or even utilize virtual calling software. We hope we can help bolster and support local restaurants and institutions and we hope we can help Vancouverites find love after such a tumultuous time.

Here’s a little video that highlights what we’re all about:

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